Advantages of the massage salon Geisha Club
Charismatic girls brilliantly know the techniques of both classic and erotic body-massages and they are also a great company for a talk. Loyal girlfriends with perfect visage are ready to talk with
you on any topic from politics to art. For your complete relaxation we combine ancient methods with modern conditions, such as a pleasurable interior, the best aromatic oils,
or a charming light of candles. In accordance with the terms and conditions of the company, an ordinary sexual intercourse is permitted. Fantastic delight, that couldn’t be compared with anything, guarantees intimate atmosphere, extremely pleasing touches, high level of candidness, and passion, which will enchant your soul as well as fire-hot bodies.

Erotic massage salon in Prague offers:
 Prostate massage as a gift!
 Massage dominatrix – NEW!
 Every fifth massage FOR FREE

  1. Only we have an half hour body massage

  2. Extra relaxation FOR FREE!!!
    Come and we will surround you with
    love and attention!

    We work every day from 10 am to 3

 Of course, to all of our clients, we provide and guarantee perfectly clean sheeting, towels, and last but not least, means for a full body care. To recurring clients we also give special offers, bonuses and bargains.

 Intimate body massage in Kiev is a sensual process without rules or restrictions. The contact with a client is building up based on feelings soft as feathers or tempting as an exciting story.
These feelings can awaken imagination, or settle the restles passion inside of you.

 Salons of erotic massages in Kiev regularly add more intimate services into their pricelist. From dances of voluptuous beauties for the lovers of eastern amenity to caress of multiple ladies for the fans of adrenaline experiences.

 Absolute discretion. Girls will provide a maximal satisfaction to the guest at its full range. The visitor can be utterly sure that both management and employees of the company will keep all
information top secret.

 The toughest question for you to answer during the order of relaxing massage in Kiev will surely be the selection of the concrete programme. While having a cup of hot coffee, our administrators will explain you all the differences between each type of intimate massage or whole programme.

 The rest of the concerns will be taken care of by our passionate girls, whose sensual touches will not leave any man cold.