Four Hand Massage

Four Hand Massage – „Ancient“ Roman Massage, which is performed by two masseurs simultaneously. Up to 37-40 kinds of different movements, stroking, kneading, vibration and action on different parts of the body are used. Massage is so-called „soft“, also „strong“, and „deep“. The body surface is blood circulation, muscles are massaged, blood is circulated and breath is deepened. Massaging the face, neck, chest, tummy, legs, hands, and back. Most selected massage techniques allow us to perform a massage with two massagers at the same time. This unique masseur saves you time and gives you a unique feeling. During a massage performed by one masseur, one is constantly involuntarily observing the movements of the hands of the masseur. By massage with four hands (two masseurs) one can better perceive the movements and inner feelings of the provided massage. Both masseurs are dual-fit and harmonized, avoiding situations of unnecessary pauses and a sense of absolute relaxation.

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