Prostate massage

Are you dreaming of prostate massage with hands of an experienced masseuse? It is easy! Erotic prostate massage is a well-known cure for prostatitis, which most often affects men aged around 40 (forty) years and leads to subsequent impotence. Today, one of the most effective means of combating prostatitis is prostate massage. Acting on the prostate, we activate the seminal vesicles, testicles and bladder. As positive evidence of prostate and testicle mass, this is an increase in potency. Prostate massage also has a positive effect on prolonging and improving intercourse, above
   excitement in the act and support center ejaculation. In the absence of ejaculate (anejaculation), I use it as a positive effect of exercises with an ejaculatory reflex with a special vibrator or also using a massager for the penis.

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