Prophylactic massage

As the name suggests, preventive massage is mainly used for prevention. We provide full body massage. At the beginning, we massage the entire back of your body, from head to toe. During the massage, a whole set of methods is used: stroking, rubbing, kneading, squeezing, vibrations that are used for all parts of your body. A separate group consists of preventive head and neck massage. This is more of a cosmetic massage that aims to improve skin metabolism and blood circulation, leading to greater flexibility and color enhancement. This process is used much in women who want to prevent the aging process. For children, forms of preventive massage along with physical exercise have effects in the body shaping process. After completing the course of these procedures, their physical and mental development is obvious. Regeneration and revitalization of the organism is also a significant element.
When a massage is finished by a professional masseur, it results in improved flexibility and flexibility, and overall human performance. With high work and personal strain, the massage of a person relieves stress and tension.

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